Drawing For A Donation Portfolio Pt. 1

September 12, 2009


Donut Plant


Eckert’s Stump Pattern


Eyes, Ears and Mouth


Fluids and Monitors


Holes in the Shadows


Obama and Art

January 20, 2009

Is this the year for Obama art? It seems to be. I am only going to give two examples of what I have seen but I have seen many. It seems to be something that is giving artists attention and sales because of Obama’s popularity and people wanting something to commemorate the history that is being made today. 

First is Shepard Fairey’s poster that circulated the streets and then was adopted by Obama supporters and eventually Obama’s campaign. In a sense, it has made him maybe the most recognized street artist since Banksy. However, Fairey is a graphic designer and does artwork too. The work does take from propaganda and posters from the early 20th century Europe and even more specifically Chinese propaganda posters. He sort of mixes the high contrast images used by the Constructivists, John Heartfield’s anti-nazi posters, and even Ludwig Holwein’s Nazi-German propaganda posters, and the social realism of the Chinese Posters.


Chinese Poster

Chinese Poster

Soviet Propaganda Poster

Soviet Propaganda Poster

Heartfield's Poster Attacking Press, 1930

Heartfield's Poster Attacking Press, 1930


Ludwig Holwein's "Und Du?" german army recruiting poster, early 1940s

Ludwig Holwein's "Und Du?" german army recruiting poster, early 1940s












































































shepard fairey














Here is an article about a SIUE graduate student who made an Obama portrait out of coins. He had his work featured in Time and then sold the work on Ebay for nearly 1400 dollars.

Influences and Inspiration Pt. 6

December 25, 2008

Travel has been a huge influence to me. I wish I could do more. In the past three years I have gone to Cleveland, Chicago (twice), boating at the Lake of the Ozarks with the family, and various day-trips in Missouri and Illinois. My boyfriends and I are hoping to go to Memphis, TN this spring. I have never been there and he wants to go again.

Probably the two best places I have been have been that spark my creativity (sometimes overwhelm me too) are New York City and the whole trip to the United Kingdom I made in the summer of 2004.

When I went to the UK, I spent most of my time in London and in Scotland. I took a ton of pictures, filled some sketchbooks, collected maps, books, newpapers and magazines, and did some rubbings. Oh, plus I studied art and art history. I got credit for this trip through the Study Abroad Program at Ohio University. So, I went to the great art galleries, museums and cultural landmarks that London is home too. Some of the places I went outside of London was Stonehenge, Edinborough, Glasgow, and Inverves, Scotland. Awesome trip that will always be with me and I would love to go again. I was there for a month and I still wasn’t able to see everything.

The first pic I am going to show was from late afternoon/early evening in Edinborough. We had a pretty long walk from our hotel to the center of the city. It was a dark, foggy, rainy day. Actually, it rained the whole time we were in southern Scotland (Glasgow and Edinborough). I think I took this picture as we crossed a bridge. I know we got a little lost. There is really no grid to follow and we got a little disoriented sometimes This was the case in all of the places we visited. US and European cities are not the same in that aspect. 












New York City has been a place I visited on an almost annual basis while I was in school. For a person who is an artist, NYC has been the center. I would go mainly to visit the galleries and museums. Really my favorite thing to do was just walk around and explore the city. It is the perfect city to get lost in and find something interesting to make it all worth it. There is no other city in the the US like it. 

The two pictures I am going to include were just incidental. The first one is of Times Square. I suppose you could call it the shrine of advertisements. It is quite sickening but visually arresting. Honestly, there isn’t anything too substantial there. It is clean and has become a tourist trap of sorts and family friendly. It is not the scummy Times Square of the past.

Times Square

Times Square










This next picture was taken from a gallery in Chelsea.I don’t remember which one but I guess I wasn’t interested in the work. I was distracted by the view. I really love the reflections I get when I take pictures through windows. I like the angular reflections in this one. I think I am look toward downtown.

View From Gallery in Chelsea

View From Gallery in Chelsea











Finally, Merry Christmas to everyone. I opened some presents last night. I always get some art related things. I got the DVD, The Power of Art. It is the series hosted by Simon Schama on the BBC. I got a small book called, Creative Sparks, by Jim Krause. Some other noted gifts, a bookshelf (I seriously need a new one. I have books stacked on the floor because I don’t have enough room in the bookcases I have), a USB hub, and a laptop cooling pad. For fun, I got a St. Otto, The Patron Saint of Parking air freshener, a hot dog stress reliever (you squeeze it). I got a couple South Park DVDs, candy, a gift card to Best buy, some nice gloves and socks, earrings and some other small stocking stuffers. Also it is fun spending time with my boyfriend’s family. I like them a lot. They are a hoot to be with.


December 19, 2008

This blog is to work in conjunction to my website, www.rebeccaeilering.com/recsindex.htm. This is a way to communicate what inspires me and the work I do. It is also to communicate thoughts and interesting tidbits that are related to art and design (both graphic and web). This is to allow those interested to find out more about me and about what I am working on. 

I like the idea of a blog because it is a way to communicate to potential clients and people that have a general interest in art and design. Plus, the blog format is interactive in that you can post comments/questions that are relevant to the postings. 

The format is not going to be dictated by one subject but it will be a forum to speak about many subjects I am interested in. Ultimately, I hope you will find some interest in the subjects too.

In the next few days, I am going to post some images of things that inspire me. Really what inspires me are my surroundings and the everyday sights that strike up my mind and imagination. That is sort of a hint but you will soon know what I mean.